Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday: Suns 7, Biscuits 6

Jake Smolinski's three-run home run in the ninth inning pushed the Jacksonville Suns to a 7-6 win over the Biscuits on Wednesday.

Smolinski singled in the eighth inning to start a two-run rally that gave Jacksonville a 4-3 lead. The Biscuits tied it before Smolinski's two-out homer cleared the left-field wall. Montgomery intentionally walked Alex Romero to bring Smolinski to the plate.

Montgomery scored twice in the ninth and had the potential tying run in scoring position with one out. A groundball and strikeout ended it. Daniel Mayora reached base five times for Montgomery, while Shawn O'Malley had four hits and scored twice.


socomfy said...

bush got the loss, but de los santos kills another victory with his shoddy pitching. I have to say, this guy is a BUM! Today he put five runners on base in just over two innings, no strikeouts.... how many more times do we have to throw away games before Frank packs his bags back to Charlotte?

or, in other words.... Boooo!!!

hvrfan said...

Little rough on Frank De Los Santos, socomfy, but I, too would rather see him at Charlotte. I'm starting to think that TB's JOSH SATOW will be staying in Charlotte the whole season. For some reason, they don't just seem to want to move him up to Montgomry.

Randy said...

Very rough... Remember, the RFO must see something in him or he wouldn't be at that level. Also, it's AA. It's not MLB and he is not a polished pro yet. He is there to work things out and get experience. Do you really think that the Biscuit's W-L record means anything to the Rays? It's all about development and experience.

socomfy said...

I am a hometown fan. I dont boo our guys, or even the other teams guys.
I usually dont call a biscuit a bum, but this guy has consistently put runners on base and cost us wins. We are three and a half games back, Frank has taken two losses and this one should have been hung on him as well.

You blow a nine run lead, and you are pitching like a bum. Last nite it was a two run lead blown.

Opponents hit .315 off of him.
This year, in 26 innings he has given up 34 basehits, six walks and hit a batter. Thats 41 men on base in EIGHT games.
Hes given up multiple runs in half of his eight appearances, with four runs or more allowed three times.

So yeah, mebbe I was a little harsh, but I stand by my current assessment of being a bum with a 10.5 hits per nine innings statline.

His plus is that he doesnt walk anyone, and hes tough on lefties.

I would be curious to hear the W-L% for games he has appeared in over the last two seasons.

Frank is a very nice guy, and I dont dislike the man. He did have some success in Bowling Green 2009, and needs to make the adjustment back to whatever he was doing then. I think its obvious that should happen at Single-A, and that he is overmatched by Double-A hitters.

and as for what the Rays think of our win-loss record, dont get me started lol
Its great being a Rays affilliate but this years team is the best all around team we have seen, which is why I am so mad that we keep sending out relievers to blow leads in games we should win!