Sunday, April 05, 2009

Jennings' 'simple' swing helped sway Rays

Tampa Bay's minor-league staff had a vigorous debate before deciding to challenge center fielder Desmond Jennings with a Double-A assignment.

Jennings played just 24 games last year at high-Class A, so he's making a nice jump to start this season with the Biscuits, but his mental makeup and his skills led the Rays to it.

"If he does experience some down times, he's not going to struggle with his confidence," Biscuits manager Billy Gardner said. "He's very mature emotionally for a kid his age."

Jennings also has a swing that doesn't need much work and isn't easily knocked off-kilter, Gardner said.

"His swing and his approach, he's advanced in that regard," Gardner said. "Not much can go wrong with that swing. It's that simple."

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see some more speed being added to the Biscuits.