Saturday, June 08, 2013

Tampa Bay draft picks (rounds 11-25)

Below are Tampa Bay's picks in rounds 11-25. (For the first 10 rounds, click here.)

11th round (338th overall pick): Hunter Lockwood, lf, Weatherford CC (Texas) (Former OU Sooner, story)
12th (368th): Pat Blair, ss, Wake Forest U. (bio)
13th (398th): Ben Griset, lhp, St. Mary's U. (bio)
14th (428th): Jaime Schultz, rhp, High Point U. (bio)
15th (458th): Coty Blanchard, 2b, Jacksonville St. U. (former Mr. Football at Cherokee County HS, bio)
16th (488th): Darren Fischer, lhp, CC of Central Florida (story)
17th (518th): Willie Calhoun, 2b, Benicia (Calif.) HS (story)
18th (548th): Julian Ridings, cf, Western Carolina U. (bio)
19th (578th): Josh Kimborowicz, rhp, Everett CC (Wash.) (bio, video)
20th (608th): Harmen Sidhu, rhp, Sonoma St. U. (story, story)
21st (638th): John Farrell, rhp, William & Mary (bio, story)
22nd (668th): Andrew Hanse, rhp, U. Iowa (bio)
23rd (698th): Rick Teasley, lhp, St. Leo U. (bio)
24th (728th): Jeremy Hadley, of, Sachse (Texas) HS (Perfect Game profile)
25th (758th): Stone Speer, lhp, U. New Orleans (bio)

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