Monday, July 01, 2013

Biscuits pleased with "Katy Perry Monday" batting practice theme

The Biscuits had their inaugural "Katy Perry Monday"-themed batting practice music and it may become a recurring event. Outfielder Todd Glaesmann, the inspiration for it, says he's proud of his part.

UPDATE: We have more reaction from the clubhouse. Obviously, from the video, Glaesmann and catcher Mayo Acosta were pleased. The sentiment was not universal.

Outfielder Kevin Kiermaier ...
"It was something new, pretty funny and it all went through Todd. It's something he definitely approved of." Are you a Perry fan? "She's very good looking, but I'm not a fan. I'm a country music kind of guy."

Catcher Keith Castillo ...
"I stand neutral on it. I can appreciate Katy Perry and her talents, but I think a whole mix decorated to her entire catalog is a little redundant and is in some ways annoying. I think Todd meant well, but he did a lot of harm today."

Hitting coach Ozzie Timmons ...
"That was terrible."

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