Monday, June 04, 2007

Davis or McGee?

OK, I'm looking ahead here, and Chris and Shiloh Seddon are good people, so this isn't a crack on them, but what if another team claims Chris off waivers?

Since this is my hypothetical, I'll set the ground rules -- If the Biscuits can add only ONE pitcher, who should it be?

Wade Davis or Jake McGee? ... Or, what the heck, David Price? =)

Davis: 3-0, 1.95 ERA, 64.2 innings, 50 hits allowed, 18 walks, 67 strikeouts, 3 HR allowed
McGee: 4-1, 1.97 ERA, 59.1 innings, 41 hits allowed, 21 walks, 66 strikeouts, 1 HR allowed

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Brent said...

These two guys are SO close statistically, not only this year but the prior two, that it's almost impossible to say which one is better. I say "when in doubt, go with the lefty (McGee)".