Wednesday, June 27, 2007

South Division All-Stars

Three Biscuits are headed to Pearl, Miss., for the July 9 Southern League All-Star Game: catcher John Jaso and pitchers Chris Mason and Dale Thayer. Two others picked but can't go. Third baseman Evan Longoria is going to the Futures Game and won't be able to double-up, while outfielder Jason Pridie has been promoted to Class AAA Durham.

Wilkin Castillo, Mobile
John Jaso, Montgomery
First base
Javier Brito, Mobile
Second base
Chris Getz, Birmingham
Third base
Diory Hernandez, Mississippi
Emilio Bonifacio, Mobile
Thomas Collaro, Birmingham
Matt Esquivel, Mississippi
Brandon Jones, Mississippi
Carl Loadenthal, Mississippi
Donny Lucy, Birmingham
Utility infield
Juan Gonzalez, Jacksonville
Utility outfield
Xavier Paul, Jacksonville

Jose Ascaino, Mississippi
Eric Cyr, Jacksonville
Joey Devine, Mississippi
Jack Egbert, Birmingham
Gio Gonzalez, Birmingham
Matt Green, Mobile
Matt Harrison, Mississippi
Chris Mason, Montgomery
Jon Meloan, Jacksonville
Dale Thayer, Montgomery

Excused absences
These six were named All-Stars, but are either headed to the Futures Game, which is July 8 in San Francisco, or have been promoted.
Chin-Lung Hu, Jacksonville
Third base
Evan Longoria, Montgomery
Marshall McDougall, Jacksonville
Jason Pridie, Montgomery
Justin Upton, Mobile
Jo-Jo Reyes, Mississippi


Bubba36109 said...

Where are your picks?

Stacy Long said...

Tell me yours and I'll tell you mine. =)

Who deserved it that wasn't invited? Who didn't deserve it that is going?

Bubba36109 said...

Here are my Biscuits pick, don't really care about the other teams:
Mason, Thayer, Jaso, Badeaux, Pride, and Longoria.

Stacy Long said...

I only voted for four Biscuits, but all four are on your list.