Friday, June 08, 2007

Full Tampa Bay draft list

I double-checked as many names as I could. MLB uses the player's first names no matter what. Hence there some reference's to Tigers pick Brandon Hamilton of Stanhope Elmore as Joey (his name is Joey Brandon Hamilton). And the Rays' 11th-round is D.J. Jones of Gulf Shores, though MLB lists him as David.

Yes! Tampa Bay came through with this, saving me from counting
34 pitchers (23 righties, 11 lefties), 7 catchers, 3 infielders, 6 outfielders
24 high schoolers, 26 colleges

(signees in bold)
First round (first overall): David Price, lhp, Vanderbilt U.
Second (65th): Will Kline, rhp, U. Mississippi
Third (95th): Nick Barnese, rhp, Simi Valley (Calif.) HS
Fourth (125th): David Newmann, lhp, Texas A&M U.
Fifth (155th): Dustin Biell, cf, Inglemoor (Wash.) HS (signing announced June 12)
Sixth (185th): Emeel Salem, cf, U. Alabama (June 13)
Seventh (215th): Reid Fronk, lf, U. North Carolina
Eighth (245th): Matt Moore, lhp, Moriarty (N.M.) HS
Ninth (275th): Cody Cipriano, 2b, UC Irvine

10th (305th): Greg Sexton, 3b, William & Mary (June 12)
11th (335th): D.J. Jones, cf, Gulf Shores HS
12th (365th): Stephen Vogt, c, Azusa Pacific U. (June 12)
13th (395th): Brian Flores, lhp, Arizona State U.
14th (425th): Kyle Ayers, rhp, Oswego (Ill.) HS (June 12)
15th (455th): Michael Southern, rhp, West Hills (Calif.) College (June 12)
16th (485th): Josh Johnson, rhp, Mississippi State U.
17th (515th): Will Harvill, rhp, Young Harris (Ga.) JC
18th (545th): Joey Dettrich, lhp, Arlington (Wash.) HS (June 12)
19th (575th): Kevin Boggan, rhp, Boston College (June 12)

20th (605th): Chris Luck, rhp, South Granville HS, Creedmoor, N.C. (June 12)
21st (635th): Kevin Brophy, rhp, UCLA (June 13)
22nd (665th): Ryan Turner, rhp, Richland HS, North Richland Hills, Texas
23rd (695th): Joel Carranza, c, Flanagan HS, Pembroke Pines, Fla.
24th (725th): John Baird, rhp, U. Cincinnati
25th (755th): Justin Garcia, rhp, Western Nevada CC
26th (785th): Grimes Medlin, lhp, Young Harris (Ga.) JC
27th (815th): John Mollicone, c, Fordham U. (June 12)
28th (845th): Ben Humphrey, 1b, Central Michigan U. (June 12)
29th (875th): Robert Morey, rhp, Cape Henry HS, Virginia Beach, Va.

30th (905th): Joseph Cruz, rhp, East Los Angeles JC
31st (935th): Stephen Sauer, rhp, Western Nevada CC
32nd (964th): Thad Griffen, c, Barbe HS, Lake Charles, La.
33rd (993rd): R.J. Preach, rhp, Brophy Jesuit Prep, Phoenix
34th (1,022nd): Kevin Chavez, rhp, St. Michaels HS, Sante Fe, N.M. (June 13)
35th (1,051st): Joey Terdoslavich, c, Sarasota (Fla.) HS
36th (1,080th): Travis Stortz, lhp, Countryside HS, Clearwater, Fla.
37th (1,108th): Robert Della Grotta, rhp, Pepperdine U. (June 12)
38th (1,136th): Jesse Darcy, rhp, Manhattan College (June 12)
39th (1,164th): Joe Staley, c, Decatur (Texas) HS

40th (1,192nd): Will Smith, lhp, Northgate HS, Newnan, Ga.
41st (1,218th): Austin Hinkle, rhp, Coastal Carolina U.
42nd (1,244th): Sean Green, rhp, Chesterton (Ind.) HS
43rd (1,270th): Brad Buehler, rhp, St. Pius X HS, Festus, Mo.
44th (1,296th): Braden Degamo, c, Mariner HS, Everett, Wash.
45th (1,322nd): Brett Miller, rhp, Montgomery HS, San Diego
46th (1,346th): Elliot Glynn, lhp, Woodrow Wilson HS, Long Beach, Calif.
47th (1,369th): Kyle Decater, lf, Bellevue (Wash.) CC
48th (1,391st): Matt Evers, lhp, Stratford (Texas) HS
49th (1,412nd): Ken Burdi, cf, Kishwaukee (Ill.) College
50th (1,433rd): Mark Peterson, lhp, Lincoln Park Aca., Fort Pierce, Fla.

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