Friday, June 01, 2007

Love thy neighbor night

For anyone who still holds one iota of belief that Riverwalk Stadium could host the Southeastern Conference, may I point you to today's NCAA Division II championship game.

This might be an adequate facility for the press for a Biscuits game (when it's usually just me), but there are about 15 press people squeezing into a suite tonight.

The press box isn't available because television needs enough space to cover the usual press area. The city suite isn't big enough for us, our computers and the notebooks we have to use at once. Since we need to both be able to watch the game and type at the same time, this is enough room for about four writers.

The owner's suite -- and we've used the outdoor seating there all week -- isn't available. A delegation from the University of Tampa was assigned the team's suite. I guess the 18 other suites in this place weren't satisfactory.

The SEC tournament has seating for at least 100 media.


Jim said...

How could the Biscuits assign the folks from Tampa to any other suite? Those suites (with the exception of the two on the end) are all leased by individuals or companies. The Biscuits would have no right to give away that space for the night.

Stacy Long said...

Deny their request, that's how.