Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thriving Thursday

Today's notes menu includes something on Jacksonville's Marshall McDougall, an update on Corrie Feldkamp, Biscuits pitcher Derek's sister who had brain surgery early this week, and some more hype for Friday's 80's Night.

Here are your questions to ponder (and I expect no cheating by way of Google):
1.) Why in the heck would I do a note in the middle of June about Marshall McDougall?
2.) Which Biscuit do you think would be the best in Friday's in-game moonwalk contest between fans?
3.) Which Biscuit would find the most success at Friday's postgame 80's-themed karaoke in the Club Car Bar?

Don't forget to submit your answers. The comment section here is quite barren, dadgumit.

UPDATE: Former Biscuits reliever Ruddy Lugo has been claimed off waivers by the Oakland A's. The Devil Rays designated him for assignment this week. This could cause a move with the Biscuits.

Your lineups ...
Fernando Perez, cf
Brooks Badeaux, 2b
Reid Brignac, ss
Evan Longoria, 3b
John Jaso, c
Chris Nowak, 1b
Jason Pridie, lf
Gabriel Martinez, dh
Shaun Cumberland, rf
Chris Mason, rhp

Xavier Paul, cf
Chin-Lung Hu, ss
Cory Dunlap, dh
Marshall McDougall, 3b
Alberto Concepcion, 1b
Anthony Raglani, lf
Juan Gonzalez, 2b
A.J. Ellix, c
James Tomlin, rf
Eric Cyr, lhp


Stacy Long said...

Marshall McDougall note delayed because I've yet to see an answer to No. 1, much less a correct answer. (Dadgumit.)

Honestly, I had more than enough notes so I decided to push that one back a day.

Bubba36109 said...

He will perhaps always be most famous for his performance on May 9, 1999 where, against the University of Maryland, College Park Terrapins, his 7 for 7 performance at the plate with 6 home runs, 16 RBI, and 25 total bases shattered NCAA single game records in all three categories.

Bubba36109 said...

Number 2. Chris Mason
Number 3. Chris Mason

Stacy Long said...

Of course, May 9, 1999, is a big deal and will be mentioned. But, again, why would I do a note in the middle of June about him? You're on the right track.

(And that looks like a Google. Bubba, are you cheating?)

I'll wager that Mason will have some interesting things to say today in his defense.

Bubba36109 said...

Google, why of course. Isn't that what it is for?

Stacy Long said...

I'll go ahead and give the answer.

The College World Series starts today and McDougall was the CWS MVP in 1999.

Bubba36109 said...

It's that a let done after May 9th.....

Stacy Long said...

If the Suns had been here in May, that would have been a correct answer. The six-homer, 19-RBI game did earn college baseball some notoriety.

The biggest letdown was probably that Miami beat the Seminoles for the championship.