Thursday, June 28, 2007

Postcard from Durham

Dear everyone,

Just finishing up a three-day visit to Durham to see the Bulls, interview for a story or two and play tourist (the N.C. State History Museum, Raleigh City Museum and N.C. state capitol were today's highlights, not the 12-0 whipping the Bulls just took).

Beautiful ballpark and surrounding area that is budding with construction. They're about 10 years into what Montgomery dreams of for the Riverwalk Stadium area here. I'd give the field here at Durham Bulls Athletic Park the advantage over Riverwalk, but Riverwalk's open concourse has a decided edge. The outside of the stadium isn't comparable and the disparity will grow soon. City has similarities to Montgomery.

Players are still their old selves and reacted accordingly when they saw me. "What are you doing here?" was a popular sentence. Charlie Montoyo and Jason Pridie were the only ones forewarned of the trip.

Driving back tomorrow and I have a challenging agenda. I'm going to attempt to hit three Revolutionary War historical sites: Guilford Courthouse, Kings Mountain and Cowpens.

See you soon,

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