Thursday, June 14, 2007

Fence splitter

Reid Brignac just hit one through the right-field wall, according to umpire Eric Loveless.

Brignac put one over the fence, but Loveless ruled it went through the rails and therefore said it was a ground-rule double in the first inning.

It had to be perfectly placed since there the ball will barely fit through those rails -- and Brignac's ball wasn't deflected.

OK, third inning, Brignac just made up for it, though not by much. P.A. announcer Rick Hendrick may have risked ejection when he emphatically said: "Now, that's a home run."

End of the seventh and the team has its fan vs. fan dance off. A girl tried the water sprinkler move last seen in these parts by former Biscuits intern Brad Tillery. The BTW Magnet graduate was exiled to be the radio voice of the Lansing Lugnuts for attempting such a maneuver.

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