Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Tuesday's notebook

Looks like it made it online to, though what they call the "Biscuits' microsite" last had a story a week ago.

I'm told the site is having problems and these stories are being correctly sent through the automated system, but the system isn't doing the job. I'm sure that will be resolved soon.

That means the microsite is missing ...
1. Thursday's game at Huntsville
2. Friday's game at Huntsville
3. Saturday's Series Starter at Carolina center fielder/Selma native Jai Miller
4. Saturday's story on Andy Sonnanstine's promotion to the big leagues
5. Saturday night's game with Carolina
6. Saturday's notebook
7. Sunday's feature on Vanderbilt pitcher David Price
8. Sunday's follow-up story on Sonnanstine
9. Sunday's game
10. Sunday's notebook
11. Monday's game
12. Monday's notebook
13. Tuesday's game
14. Tuesday's notebook
15. AP story on Sonnanstine's debut Tuesday

Today's story on Brandon Hamilton and Austin Bailey looking ahead to the draft and another on Alabama's Tommy Hunter by our UA beat writer, Tim Gayle, correctly isn't there, nor is a chart of the state's top draft possibilities.

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