Tuesday, July 03, 2012

June ended too soon for Biscuits

Just to wrap up what was a pretty decent June for the Biscuits, they set a team monthly record with a .293 batting average.

The previous full-month record was .288 in a 20-7 August 2007. They did hit .291 in a 3-1 September 2007.

Montgomery's 15-9 June record (.625) is fourth in the team's all-time monthly list. Of course, August 2007 (.741) is No. 1. After that, it's July 2008 (19-7, .731) and August 2006 (18-10, .643).

The Biscuits were also 37-of-40 on steals. Through Saturday, this team also had 34 triples, which is one more than the 2005 team hit for the entire season.

Alas, it's not all cookies and Kool-Aid. Montgomery set its high by issuing 133 walks in June.

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