Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Vettleson lagging on assist list

With virtually all of affiliated baseball off today for the major league All-Star Game, what a great time to check on intrepid Bowling Green outfielder Drew Vettleson's assists.

Vettleson's numbers have tapered off in his dogged chase to lead the entire majors and minors in outfield assists. He has cooled since throwing out 10 in the first month of the season and now sits at 16, two behind Tucson's Daniel Robertson. (Perhaps, a sudden reluctance to test Vettleson has played a small part.)

Charlotte's Mikie Mahtook ranks second in the Tampa Bay organization with eight.

18: Daniel Robertson, Tucson
16: Drew Vettleson, Bowling Green
14: Ryan Jones, Cedar Rapids (12)/Inland Empire (2)
14: Ryan LaMarre, Pensacola
14: Michael Taylor, Potomac
13: Evan Bigley, New Britain
13: Juan Lagares, Binghamton

To update the early-May list of Vettleson's baserunning victims ...

11. May 21 at Fort Wayne (Gallic at home)
12. May 23 at Great Lakes (Akins at home)
13. May 24 at Great Lakes (Dickson at 3rd)
14. June 9 at Dayton (Ewing at 1st)
15. June 12 vs. West Michigan (King at home)
16. June 30 vs. Lansing (Pierre at home)

Of his 16 ...

10 at home, 2 at 3rd, 3 at 2nd, a paltry 1 at 1st
3 vs. West Michigan
2 vs. Cedar Rapids, Great Lakes, Lake County
1 vs. Beloit, Dayton, Fort Wayne, Lansing, Quad Cities, South Bend, Wisconsin

(For full disclosure, Vettleson also receives. He was thrown out twice at home in a June 13 home game with West Michigan. On July 4 at Fort Wayne, he was cut down at third.)

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The word is out in the Midwest League. Don't try to run on Vettleson.