Sunday, July 01, 2012

Vogt high on June BCS/RPI

This BCS is still going strong.

Durham's Stephen Vogt won the June BCS/RPI, scoring 23 points for a five-point advantage over Bowling Green's Jake Hager and Drew Vettleson.

Vogt recorded two first-place finishes and had eight places among the top five in the daily Biscuit Crumbs Standings/Rays Player Indicator standings. Vogt hit .364 and had a 1.024 OPS in June. He totaled 19 RBIs and scored 24 times in 26 games.

Princeton pitcher Blake Snell and shortstop Brandon Martin were tied in the little BCS race. They had seven points each after less than two weeks of play by the short-season teams.

23 points -- Stephen Vogt
18 -- Jake Hager, Drew Vettleson
16 -- Todd Glaesmann
15 -- Ty Morrison
12 -- Jeff Malm, Enny Romero, Matt Torra

Little BCS
7 -- Blake Snell, Brandon Martin
5 -- Taylor Guerrieri, Darryl George
4 -- Justin O'Conner, Ariel Soriano, Ryan Dunn

52 -- Drew Vettleson
36 -- Henry Wrigley
34 -- Ty Morrison
33 -- Jake Floethe, Todd Glaesmann, Omar Luna

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